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I’ve had a chance to take a quick look at the schedule and here are my thoughts based on that – I haven’t (yet) done the sort of detailed analysis I did for 2017.

The first thing to say is that broadly the mix looks pretty much the same as it does for 2017. And why would we expect anything different? But here are some details, as far as I can see them:

  • Oceana will be based in Malta for summer 2018 (as she is for summer 2017) and will be offering the same sort of yo-yo itineraries from Malta, in either 7-night of 14-night form. Successive 7 night itineraries will either be into the Adriatic or the Aegean, and they can be booked every-which-way as 7 night or 14 night combined cruises;
  • Britannia especially seems to have a lot of 7-night itineraries in her programme, interspersed with the usual 14-night and 12-night itineraries to the usual places. There are also a number of shorter cruises, e.g. 2 nights;
  • Azura and Ventura follow much the same pattern as Britannia (as you’d expect, really) though perhaps with fewer 7-night itineraries. However I felt that Ventura especially seemed to have a number of shorter cruises;
  • Arcadia and Aurora seem to feature more 14-night cruises (Arcadia especially). Aurora is marketed as ‘family-friendly’ but I wonder how well the children’s facilities on her compare to those on Britannia, Ventura and Azura. I certainly felt that there were fewer 7 night cruises on Aurora than on the larger ships, and it will be those that will appeal most to families for cost reasons. Both Aurora and Arcadia will be doing their usual September/October long cruise across the Atlantic to NE USA and Canada; 24 nights in the case of Aurora and 30 nights for Arcadia. These cruises have become a fixture and are very popular – I gather they sell out quickly;
  • Finally there’s Oriana. Her programme is different from all the others in that it features mainly longer cruises – 15-, 17- and 19-night cruises abound. Obviously P&O have found Oriana’s market. For example, her first four cruises from April 2018 are for 18 nights (Azores and Canaries); 18 nights (W. Med.); 15 nights (Canaries and Iberia); and 19 nights (all the way to the Adriatic). Those four cruises take her schedule up to the end of June. There are a number of shorter cruises, but they take up little of her time and they’re soon over – from mid-August it’s 19 nights, 16 nights, 18 nights and 19 nights, and that takes her to near the end of October.

Speaking personally, on the basis of this very quick look, these cruises popped out at me:-

  • Azura A813 to Hamburg, Amsterdam (o’night) and Le Havre, 26 May for 7 nights;
  • Azura A817 to Scotland, Iceland and Ireland, 30 June for 14 nights; and
  • Oceana E812-C to the Aegean and Adriatic, 21 June for 14 nights. These yo-yo cruises vary the ports for each trip, but this one seems to have most of the gems: Athens, Mykonos, Ephesus, Rhodes, Split, Venice, Ravenna and Dubrovnik, with a full day in Malta in the middle.

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