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I did a post a few weeks ago in response to the information on the P&O website that their new Summer 2018 schedules were “coming soon”. They are supposed to be on sale on 15 September (to top-tier Peninsular Club members) and to their rest of us shortly thereafter. I had expected that information about the cruises might be available reasonably soon after the teaser appeared on the P&O website, but apparently not; and that was at least 5 weeks ago.

So still no information about the Summer 2018 Schedules, and we’re getting close to the date when bookings open – which means they must give us the information soon. Surely….

One thing I did spot. I enlarged the image in the teaser panel, and it reads “September 2016 – October 2018”, which means that when we get the information it will indeed cover just 6 additional months from what we already know.

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