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Oriana 2016 Refit

By now pretty much everyone will have received their brochure from P&O or read about this online, so I’m a bit late to the party. My excuse is that I’ve been away on holiday all week, at Salcombe which seems to be a place where they haven’t quite got hold of this ‘internet’ thing yet. No wifi in the apartment!?!

But back to Oriana. From what I’ve received and read, it looks as if this is purely a refurbishment and not a reconstruction. The two main restaurants will be completely redecorated, as will other public areas. Cabins and suites will get new furniture and be redecorated, and cabin bathrooms “will undergo repairs and upgrades to bring them up to the standard that our guests deserve”.

There’s no mention of anything else – no more new cabins anywhere, for example, and I know some people were fearful for the future for Oriana’s library. But it seems that there won’t be any new construction or re-purposing activities at all.

We were last on Oriana for the Grand Event (2012?) and I have to say she did look a bit tired in places. I seem to recall that there were some stains in the washbowl in our bathroom, for example, and possibly also in the bath. Not a sign of bad maintenance, I think, just the result of many years of usage of those items.

One other thing – the brochure refers to “leading cruise-industry architects Richmond”. As far as I know the only other cruise ship they’ve done any work on is Britannia. Indeed, the projects section of their website refers to no less than 13 hotels and just the one ship. But we liked Britannia and some of the same for Oriana will be good. Here’s a link to the relevant page on the P&O site.

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  1. Pat Gregory says:

    We have just returned from an around the uk cruise on the Oriana. I am pleased to hear about the refit, as compared to the Ventura and Adura, the public areas are very drab. Have you any idea how long the refit will take?
    Thanks for the info.
    Pat Gregory

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Pat.

      Oriana is due to re-enter service on 16 December with a 2-night cruise to Zeebrugge. I’m not sure I would book that one – it looks like it could be a hostage to fortune if the refit is late finishing. (This has happened in the past with other ships.) The next ‘real’ cruise starts on 18 December; I think it might be a no-fly Caribbean cruise.

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