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Further – and hopefully FINAL – Update, 22 Aug: I think I’ve now got my head around this. Basically, I’d completely forgotten that we already know all about 2017; this, despite doing a post some months ago analysing Oceana’s planned cruises for that year…. As far as I can see, there was a press conference in Valletta the other day at which the Maltese Minister for Tourism (Edward Zammit Lewis) launched Oceana’s 2017 programme. (Why he would do this in August 2016 I don’t know.) At the end of the reports about his speech, there was a suggestion that Oceana would be home-ported in Valletta in 2018: “We are proud to be the homeport of choice for P&O Oceana throughout seasons 2017 and 2018”. So there we are – 2018 is likely to be a repeat of 2017 for Oceana.


Update : Err – this needs some major work, doesn’t it? We already know about Oceana’s 2017 itineraries, don’t we?? I blame the holiday I’ve just had – the shock of some sunshine in England. I’ll go away now and think about it……

Malcolm Oliver has alerted me to this one, and I’ve since seen it confirmed on other sites – e.g. this one. It seems that Oceana is to home port in Malta in 2017 and 2018, offering 7 night itineraries from Valetta.

I can’t yet find any details of those itineraries, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Venice didn’t feature on some of them, and possibly also ¬†destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. I’ll carry on looking and I’ll update this post when/if I learn anything.

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