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Oriana 2016 Refit

Oriana is due for a refit this December. This will be between the conclusion of cruise X620 on 25th November (34 nights to the Caribbean and the southern United States) and X623N (a 2-nighter to Zeebrugge) on 16 December. Note that the subsequent cruise is listed with an ‘N’ number, suggesting that it’s a New cruise listing which in turn suggests that the work will take a couple of days or so less than originally expected. I’m not sure I would risk booking X623N, however – in the past cruises have been cancelled when a refit overran, for example this one in 2013.

Those dates leave a gap of around 20 days, which of course has to include getting to and from whichever dockyard has been selected. I assume that it’s either Blohm+Voss in Hamburg or Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven, but I don’t know which one will be doing the work.

More interesting is what the refit will consist of. I asked P&O the other day and I’ve just received this reply:-

Thanks for your request for information regarding our planned refit of Oriana later this year. Whilst there is an immense amount of planning and excitement going on behind the scenes, at this stage we’re not in a position to share information relating to the extent of the refit.  We will be releasing further details in the coming weeks.

So not especially helpful but as they’re saying, ‘watch this space’. As soon as I have any more information I’ll post it.

13 Responses to “Oriana 2016 Refit”

  1. Good afternoon Tom.

    More a case of not letting you steal their thunder than not being especially helpful.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Could well be, Richard. Doesn’t stop me being disappointed!

      But hopefully we’ll get some more information from them in the near future.

  2. Malcolm Oliver says:

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    i wonder if the library will survive,or be turned into a select dining venue as was on her sister ship.Libraries dont make money and as far as i can see the select dining venues dont either.NIGEL GOSPORT

  4. Larry Shaw says:

    They were virtually begging us to go and have an Indian (meal) on our last cruise on her (end of september 2016) But we didn’t succumb….

  5. Judith Boot says:

    I really do hope that your comment ” I’m not sure I would risk booking X623N, however – in the past cruises have been cancelled when a refit overran. Does Not Happen as we have booked 4 Superior de Luxe Balcony Cabins to celebrate my husband’s 90th Birthday on December 16th and some of the boys and their wives have not cruised before. It would be a disaster for the family if it was spoiled. I am staying positive now that I know this re-fit is happening which I certainly didn’t know before I booked. It was the only possible way to celebrate given the actual dates.

    • Tom Burke says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      I certainly didn’t mean to cause any angst with that comment! – although as I pointed out in the post, it has been the case that the immediately-following short cruise has had to be cancelled. That said I don’t think it’s at all likely in this case. The time I’m thinking of involved some serious structural additions to Arcadia – a new deck structure, very high up. The delay was caused by some very strong winds on the day the structure was due to be lifted into place, and it was determined that it wasn’t safe to undertake the lift. That put the whole job back by 24 hours or so.

      This refit for Oriana seems to be almost completely internal so external factors such as the weather shouldn’t have any effect. Your cruise should be safe.

      • Judith Boot says:

        You didn’t cause any angst – it was actually my husband himself that said he hoped it would be finished and I said he shouldn’t be pessimistic. As you say, it is probably interior upgrade as much as anything. I remember when The Grand Princess had a re-fit, we watched it on video in the various stages – we thought it was awesome. But then she is a big ship. I am sure we will all be fine and will enjoy every hour we are on the Oriana ( not been on her before) Thank you.

  6. Bob says:

    I have been on Oriana recently when Carnival team suggested she will have BIG Maintenance work done EG, main generator replaced etc. and you don’t take a ship out of the water for internal work so watch this space. Bob Cox

  7. Terry Lloyd says:

    Lets hope that the engine vibration has been sorted out, and if the seating is as uncomfortable as Arcadia this is one couple who will probably change cruise lines

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Terry.

      Speaking personally, I don’t think that the engine vibration will change. (Whether that’s a problem is a matter of opinion, of course.) It seems to be a feature of ships of about that size (and smaller?) – I remember one evening on Galaxy, built in the same shipyard a year after Oriana and of about the same size, on which those in the aft portion of the dining room were practically shaken out of their seats. That said, she was being pressed through the sea very quickly – racing to get to Mykonos before another ship so she could claim the (only) berth at Tourlas harbour (she won!). It’s also the case that Oriana has a different propulsion system from the rest of the fleet, IIRC – I believe she has a mechanical drive rather then electrical – and that may add to the vibration.

      Is it the Arcadia MDR seating that you’re referring to?

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