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Well, how about this? I received the email below from P&O earlier today:

Dear ….., 

We hope you enjoyed your cruise on Britannia.

We have, since your return, experienced an issue with our on-board account settlement process.

What this means for you is that a second amount (not your on-board account figure) has been pre-authorised on the card you registered on-board. We do pre-authorise funds everyday whilst you are on the cruise, however, on this occasion it happened post cruise, due to an incorrect file being processed.

I want to personally reassure you that this is NOT an additional payment and the money WILL NOT leave your account, however, the funds will be held and therefore will be unavailable for a period of time until released by your card provider. As soon as we realised this had happened we requested a reversal of the pre-authorisation, however, it is your card provider that determines when this money becomes available to you again.

I can assure you that at no time have your personal details been shared or compromised. There is no need for you to take any action, however, please call 0843 374 0111 if you have any questions as a result.

We are very sorry that this has happened and for any inconvenience that it might have caused. 

Kind regards

Christopher Edgington
Director, P&O Cruises


Checking my credit card balance via on-line banking I can see a ‘pending transaction’ of £354.65 for P&O Cruises entered on 7th June, i.e. two days after we disembarked. It’s not going to actually affect me, but I can imagine that it might have an impact on others. Not good, P&O.

Has anyone else received this email?

3 Responses to “Incorrect P&O credit card charge "pre-authorised"”

  1. Pat Howell says:

    Yes, we received the same email today.

  2. Ian T says:

    It’s happened again big-time on Fri 17th May 2017.
    See http://www.pocruises.com/important-update/ .
    I can tell from my credit card account that they (*) have made a pre-auth reservation for just under £4k – which was the exact balance payment for our next cruise that I already paid for in March 2017. And the pre-auth has NOT been reversed 4 days later as shown on my online credit card statement.
    P&O are blaming their Merchant Processor (Elavon) for the error (*), but in my view P&O/Carnival MUST have initiated the fat-finger trouble.
    As they have initiated double-booking of LARGE cruise balance payments across the Carnival brands, some customers are going to be embarrassed if they try and use their credit cards for other large purchases in the near-term.
    Poor show

    • Tom Burke says:


      Thanks for this. Since you posted this comment there has been a complete storm about this, of course. I hope your issue has been sorted out now. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this in due course.

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