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This evening we’ve been sailing through Sognefjord from Flam to the Norwegian Sea. We left Flam at about 7 o’clock or just before, and Captain Brown included in his post-departure announcement that it might be approaching midnight before Britannia finally cleared the fjord. So the sailout down the 100-mile length of the fjord will take anything up to 5 hours.

As we left Flam the clouds rolled away and we had a lot of fine evening sunshine, and the sailout has been fantastic. Up near Flam the fjord was still narrow, with many small settlements along its banks and numerous small side channels, but with huge snow-covered mountains in the background and the fjord-side mountains apparently falling sheer into the water. Further on the fjord widened out, giving longer views; just as beautiful.

We spent the first part of the evening in the Glasshouse enjoying a steak dinner and a bottle of wine. We sat behind the bar, near the port-side windows which gave us good views of the sailout during the meal. After that we went up to the Crow’s nest, which was packed, and again we had excellent views; this time of the fjord ahead. Now we’re back in the cabin, and at 10:45 there is some light in the sky and therefore some visibility.

No photographs, I’m afraid – this time I chose to enjoy the view instead of struggling to record it (although in fact I did take a few up near Flam).

Stavanger tomorrow, and excursion – a Walking Tour of Stavanger.

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  1. Janet says:

    The sailaway through the fjords was the highlight of our Norwegian cruise, simply stunning.

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