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Today we’ve been in Andalnes. It was very cloudy – foggy, in fact – as we sailed in, but by the time we’d finished breakfast the clouds were lifting and we could see the magnificent scenery. We were supposed to tender today, but in the event Captain Brown managed to get Britannia docked. He announced very proudly that Britannia was the biggest ship that had ever docked in Andalsnes.

We were booked on an excursion, “Scenic Rauma Railway”, and we duly presented ourselves at the appropriate place at the appropriate time. It was a bit frustrating to then sit in the train, almost alongside the ship, for just over an hour. Apparently there was a freight train already on the line and running late, and because it’s a single-track line there’s only room for one train at a time. We were perhaps sat in the wrong side of the train and we didn’t get the best views. Hint – try to sit on the right-hand side of the train facing forwards. However we saw enough to get a good flavour of the scenery, which because the cloud had lifted and largely vanished, was spectacular.

We travelled on the train for about an hour and got off at Bjorli. Then we transferred to a coach for the journey back to Andalsnes, and this included a couple of short stops, at a waterfall and the Troll Wall, for photo opportunities. Thanks to the delay starting it was about 1:30 when we returned to the ship so we were pretty hungry. A visit to the buffet followed, which I did not enjoy – I can’t get my head round the layout. (Val does better.) Then we went up to the Promenade and took photos of the scenery from that height (deck 18), and then retired to the Glasshouse for some wine. Two old favourites this time – Planeta for Val and Valdiviesa for me.

This evening we’ve got an evening booked in the Limelight club, and I’ll report later how it goes. This might be delayed, however, as there was something in Horizon yesterday that suggested that satellite connectivity can be very limited in the heart of the Fjords; and that’s where we are tomorrow (Flam).

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