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Last night we did the Glasshouse food and wine pairing meal. It costs £30 per head, but we think it’s good value because it includes five glasses of selected wines (of varying sizes). To be honest we did it last year on Azura, but we enjoyed it so much – both the wines and the food – that we thought we’d do it again. The menu and the wines were the same, but I varied things by having the vegetarian main course instead of the steak. This was a mushroom dish, which came with truffle ice cream. Odd, but good.

One thing I ought to mention. During the afternoon we had spent some time at the Sunset bar (not the Terrace bar as I mentioned yesterday) and after returning to the cabin we both discovered that we’d got soot on some of our clothing. Val even managed to transfer some of it onto the sheets in the cabin. That does seem to be a problem – we walked around the Promenade today (Wednesday) and noticed that a lot of things – the decking, the loungers – seemed very grubby and sooty, especially at the aft end. So soot may be a problem on Britannia. We’ve never experienced this on Ventura or Azura.

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  1. Ian says:

    We had an aft cabin on Britannia last July and one day the balcony was covered in soot ( some bits were like bits of rusty metal the size of a 10 pence coin). Other days it was not so bad. We always have an aft cabin and this is the worse ship for soot we have come across – which is pretty shocking for a new ship. Goodness knows how much soot Britannia is dumping in the sea!

  2. Janet says:

    Soot is a real problem on Britannia. We were on her last October and the outside top decks were covered as were the sun loungers. Very difficult to remove from clothing. Dread to think what the aft balconies are like.

  3. Malcolm Oliver says:

    In my experience soot tends to be an ‘old’ ship problem and of course linked to wind direction. I’ve never heard of soot problems on a newer ship. Curious!

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