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It’s 9:45 on day 2 of our cruise to the Fjords on Britannia and everyone is ready to get ashore and stretch their legs. Frustratingly, however, we won’t actually berth in Bergen until about 11:45, nearly 3 hours later than the original timetable and also later than was announced yesterday. Continuing headwinds overnight are to blame, I gather.

It’s also the case that when Britannia does dock it will be in the commercial port where it is not permitted for cruise passengers to walk around. Shuttle buses will be in operation therefore, and a whole shuttle bus ticket-issuing operation is being set up in the theatre. Tickets (numbered) will apparently be available from 10:15, and people are already queuing (possibly before the Captain’s announcement at 9:30).

We’re currently enjoying a coffee in Java; then we’ll have a prompt lunch; and after that we’ll get a shuttle bus ticket. At least we won’t have to pay for them – as Select fare passengers we get free shuttles as part of our benefits. Whoopee…. (Actually, Val has just pointed out that Horizon says it’s a complimentary shuttle bus service, so no Whoopee! after all.)

Update: there’s just been an announcement to the effect that shuttle bus tickets will be available from 11:15, not 10:15 as in Horizon. And they’re for numbered shuttle buses, so if you’re planning on having an early lunch on-board, get your shuttle bus tickets after that.

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