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Bergen__MG_3407Britannia docked in Bergen at 11:45, and shortly after that we went for some lunch. We decided to try the Grab and Go offering; we ended up having burger and chips. Val’s comment was “there’s things to be said for McDonalds after all”.

We collected our shuttlebus ticket at just after half-past twelve and then started waiting for our numbers to be called. This took until 1:20 or so. We then disembarked quickly and got onto a shuttle bus almost immediately which set off promptly; and almost as promptly stopped. We had reached the end of our journey – about 400 yards. At the very slow speed the bus was going, it took just over two minutes. A lot of people were quite surprised at how short the ride was, but in fact it was just to the edge of the commercial port within which pedestrians are not allowed. We still had to walk to the old town which took about 10 minutes or perhaps a bit less. (We did spot a couple of other, smaller ships moored close to the old town – an older Costa ship, and MSC Opera. There was also what appeared to be a tall ship moored in the same area, so perhaps tose ships were why Britannia had to go to the commercial port.)

By this time the sun had come and it was getting pretty warm so Bergen looked attractive and special. We walked around the old town, explored a shop and were duly frightened away by the price of the knitwear – 3995 NKr, or somewhere north of £350 for the one Val quite fancied. She couldn’t find it in a colour she liked, which was perhaps lucky.

We visited the museum of old Bergen which had some interesting artefacts and archeological remains from very early in Bergen’s history. There was also an exhibition about a great fire in 1916 which destroyed a great part of the city as it was at that time, and the reconstruction after the fire, and that was interesting. We’d withdrawn 1000 NKr from an ATM earlier, and got through some of it – museum entrance and a guidebook to Old Brygen, a couple of icecream tubs, and a fridge magnet. We still have enough to paint the town red in Andalsnes, however….. We went back to the ship not long after four o’clock. Presently we’re sitting in the sun on the Terrace bar enjoying bottles of sparkling mineral water. This evening we’re doing the food and wine paired tasting dinner at the Glasshouse, so we’re saving ourselves for that.

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