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We spoke to some passengers over dinner this evening about some problems encountered during embarcation on Sunday. I n an earlier post I mentioned that there had apparently been a road accident in Southampton that had added to the traffic congestion. I also had this confirmed by our table companions on Sunday evening who lived in Southampton and who mentioned that they heard about this separately, so it wasn’t just an excuse from the Captain.

The story from tonight’s dinner companions was that they drove into the terminal at about 2:15 for a 3 o’clock embarcation, and were directed to the holding lanes. Apparently they then sat in the lane for well over an hour. Although cars were being processed, it seemed to be very slow, and only a few were being done at a time. My assumption is that the traffic congestion caused delays to both the move of the cars to the long-term car park, and of course the mini-buses that brought the drivers back to the terminal. Our dinner companions eventually got onto Britannia sometime after 4 o’clock.

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  1. Ian says:

    Hi Tom
    Great blog. Have you had chance to look at the books in the library? If so, I wonder how would you rate the selection? We’ll be boarding Britannia next Sunday and my wife hopes she will not need to bring her own books if the ship has a good collection! Enjoy your cruise.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Not been in there yet, Ian – we buy e-books. But I’ll try.

    • Tom Burke says:


      Sorry to take so long to get back with a reply on this.

      We visited the library this morning and had a quick chat to the librarian. He said that as far as he knew, there were more books than on Ventura and Azura. We had a look round the selection seemed to be pretty typical of what we’ve seen on other ships: lots of fiction books, plus various ranges of non-fiction including biography, travel books, self-improvement, transport, and so on. There was also a children’s section.

      One thing – the books all looked new and in good condition.

  2. standrewstt says:

    Thanks Tom for visiting the library on our behalf, very helpful indeed. We are packing our luggage now and trust that you are enjoying your last day on Britannia.

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