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I think the last post finished when our free glass of fizz arrived. We were on the Sun deck at the time, and were relaxing nicely when the music started, very loudly. So we finished our drinks and headed off somewhere else, which turned out to be the Glasshouse (surprise, surprise) where we each enjoyed a glass of wine – Sangiovese for Val and Carmenère for me. We also got chatting to the waiters and the wine steward and had a very pleasant 45 minutes or so. We also booked the tasting meal, for the 31st. We’ve done this before (on Azura last year) and the choices look very similar but it’s a good evening.

Then we showered and went to dinner. We’re on Freedom Dining, but what with one thing and another we were rather later going down to dinner than we would have liked (8 o’clock rather than between 7 o’clock and 7:30) and the restaurant was full, even for table-sharers like us. We took a buzzer and retired to the atrium where we ordered sparkling mineral water, but in the event the buzzer summoned us in about ten minutes instead of the twenty we’d been told to expect.

After dinner we went up to the Crow’s Nest for a post-prandial drink – Grand Marnier for Val and and Ultimate G&T for me. Then back to the cabin where the first task was to advance watches, etc, by an hour.

We slept in until nearly 9 o’clock this morning – we were slowly woken by the sound of the ship’s foghorn. So far today all we’ve done is breakfast and sort out my internet. The day awaits….

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