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We were supposed to have the muster drill at 4:15 and be away at 4:30, but neither has happened yet. At about 4:10 there was a terse announcement by the officer of the watch to say that the drill was postponed, but no mention of a new time. Captain Brown has just (4:40) made an announcement that they were still about 150 passengers short, probably due a combination of a sunny BH Sunday and an accident in Southampton city centre. He suggested that the drill might now be at 5pm, but it could be later.

All of which is very frustrating, because we haven’t had that first drink yet! We’ve been very good – we’ve unpacked and we’ve explored the ship, telling ourselves that we’d have a drink after the drill. Now the drill is delayed, but we don’t really know for how long. 20 minutes isn’t long enough to give a Glasshouse glass of wine the attention it deserves. We wait, getting thirstier by the minute. Life at sea can be hell.

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