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We’ve embarked. We rocked up to the Ocean Terminal at about 11:15 intending to drop our bags off and then drive away. In the event we were told that it would be OK to check in early, so we decided we’d do so.

We got into the terminal at about 11:45 and were given a Red D card. Check in started at noon, but with Blue cards. Then there was a pause because of a sky bridge problem. After reaching Blue G they started on Green cards, and again got to about F. Then it was Red! – at about 1 o’clock. Card D was called at about 1:15, we were through security very quickly and were stepping onto Britannia at about 1:25.

The cabins were ready so we detoured to ours to drop our hand luggage where we found that our big bags had already been delivered. Next we looked for the buffet, found it, and had a quick meal – which brings us up to the present moment, just before 2 o’clock. Our scheduled embarcation time was 3 o’clock, so we’re happy cruisers.

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