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I’ve been banging on a bit recently about the whole check-in thing. This arose because of two things – first, the decision by P&O (and Cunard as far as I’m aware) that stated check-in times will be adhered to; and secondly the stories that have come back from the cruises out of Southampton by Royal Caribbean’s latest “Oasis” class ship, Harmony of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean have a stated aim of getting passengers “from kerb to cabin in 10 minutes” and they call it “Smart Check In”. The process was first implemented on the Quantum class in late 2014, and here’s an article about the technology involved in this and other on-board aspects. The same technology has been rolled out on Harmony of the Seas, and presumably will be retro-fitted to the other Oasis-class ships.  It require the passengers to jump through a few hoops first, at home, but as a result the experience at the terminal seems to be much, much easier.

I get that robot bar tenders are a gimmick, but much of the rest of it seems like good use of technology and helpful to passengers. In comparison, P&O look as if they’re stuck in the stone age. Come on P&O / Carnival UK! – these days, this ought to be pretty simple stuff.

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