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The problems keep coming for fathom, Carnival Corp’s new ‘get involved’ cruise line to the Dominican Republic and to Cuba.

Adonia was due to depart for her first cruise for fathom on 10 April (last Sunday) but the cruise had to be cancelled. This was due to delays caused by a lengthy US Coast Guard (USCG) examination of the ship, which had only just arrived from refit. These tests took longer to complete then expected and some deficiencies were revealed, one of them significant.

Initially it was hoped that the tests would be finished later on the 10th, and passengers were asked to re-assemble the following morning. However it turned out that more work was required, so the decision was taken to cancel the cruise. Passengers were informed on the 11th.

I understand that the remaining issue concerns Adonia’s sliding fire screen doors – they won’t operate when the ship is under tertiary power. (I gather this is the battery power source that would come into use in the event of both a main power loss and a backup generator failure.) I’m not clear if the issue has been resolved, or if it is still being worked on. Apparently the reason this hasn’t been spotted before now (in Adonia’s case) is that this is the first time she has sailed from a US port. Previously she was merely in transit through the US and therefore underwent just a port state inspection. Because Adonia will now be embarking passengers in the US the ship now requires a certificate of compliance which is presumably more rigorous.

Of course, Adonia is one of the eight R-ships, and I can’t help wondering what the position is regarding this issue on the other seven such ships – Azamara Journey, Azamara Quest (both with Azamara, part of RCI), Regatta, Nautica, Insignia and Sirena (all owned by Oceania Cruises, which these days is part of the NCL empire), and Pacific Princess.

fathom are saying that Adonia’s next cruise to the Dominican Republic, due to start on 17 April, will go ahead as planned.

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