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Problems for fathom

I’ve done a few posts about Carnival Corp’s new cruise line, fathom. This is the one which is doing “involvement” cruises to the Dominican Republic and to Cuba. With the thawing of relations between the US and Cuba, especially in the wake of President Obama’s visit there last month, it must have been thought that there were no more obstacles to fathom sailing Adonia to Cuba.

Not so. It turns out that there is a Cuban law which prohibits Cuban-Americans – that is, Americans who were born in Cuba – from travelling to Cuba by ship. This emerged into public gaze when Fabiola Santiago, a Cuban American, attempted to book a cruise to Cuba with fathom and had her booking turned down when she said that her birthplace was Cuba. She’s a journalist and you can read her story here.

I think Carnival Corp are in a bit of tight spot here. On the one hand, the journalist’s protestations have some justice to them. On the other hand, fathom (and any other Carnival brand or line) have to observe the laws of the countries to which they sail, when they’re in those countries. One question to which we don’t know the answer is when did Carnival Corp learn about this regulation – did they know it when they were still planning fathom, or is this a new discovery?

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