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A booking for 2017

We’ve made our booking for 2017 – 14 nights on Azura to Norway, Iceland, the Faroes and Northern Ireland in June (N716). I wrote a WordPress Page about it here.

Since writing the page I’ve also realised that this means I probably need to hang on to my Carnival plc shares for at least another year. I had been thinking about selling them after this year’s cruise as we were certain that in 2017 we would do a Celebrity fly-cruise and therefore wouldn’t be getting any benefit from them that year. Given also that they’ve gone up in value by just over 60% (as of yesterday, 7 April 2016) since buying them, it seemed a good idea to sell them. But now, perhaps not. One day when I’ve nothing better to do I’ll work out how much benefit I’ve had from them. However, I think it was a good investment at the price I paid.

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