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Today sees the formal announcement by P&O of their schedules for 2017.

Given that Iglu Cruises leaked them a couple of weeks ago there are no real surprises, and as expected the big story is that Oceana will be doing fly-cruises from Malta instead of Venice and Genoa. As outlined in that other post, Ocean’s schedules will be a succession of 7-night cruises, either into the Adriatic or the eastern Mediterranean – although some, early in the season, will substitute the Tyrhennian Sea for the Eastern Mediterranean. In the case of these cruises (E705; E707; E708; and E718, as far as I can see) the ports of call with be those in the Adriatic (Venice, Dubrovnik, etc) plus Rome, and various of Livorno, Messina and Ajaccio. Other than those four cruises, ports of call will include Venice, Dubrovnik, Split, Ravenna, Koper and Hvar in the Adriatic, and Athens, Santorini,Mykonos and Kusadasi in the eastern Mediterranean. Note that not all ports will be visited on every cruise. For example, while Venice will always be visited on an Adriatic itinerary, and Dubrovnik on most of them, Ravenna (for example) only appears a few times. In the eastern Mediterranean the only constant port is Athens, the others very between cruises. These Oceana cruises can be booked every-which way: as 7-night cruises into the Adriatic, or as 7-night cruises into the eastern Mediterranean, or as a 14-night cruise covering both areas, Adriatic first, or as a 14-night cruise covering both areas, easter Mediterranean first. Departures will always be from Malta, and those booking a 14-night cruise will have Malta as a port of call in the middle of the cruise as Oceana returns there after completing the first 7-night leg of the 14-night cruise. This whole fly-cruise program starts with E704 (27 March 2017, 10 nights from Southampton to Malta), and will conclude with E719 (Malta to Southampton, 10 nights, starting 19 October).

Turning to the other ships, as far as I can see it’s pretty much the same story as with this and previous years in terms of destinations. That said, although I haven’t had the chance to examine the itineraries in detail yet, I think I can see the following patterns:-

  • the larger ships (Britannia, Azura and Ventura) are more likely to be doing either 7- and 14-night cruises, or short ones;
  • the mid-sized ships (Oriana, Aurora and Arcadia) seem to have a wider range of cruise lengths – 10 nights, 12 nights, 17 nights, 20 nights. Nothing perhaps very different in terms of destinations, but a recognition that their passenger demographic is more likely to not be tied by annual leave allowances or school holidays.
  • and perhaps there might be more short cruises, with all the ships doing at least some.

One other pair of cruises leapt out at me: both Aurora and Arcadia are doing the traditional late summer/autumn long cruise to the North America. Aurora is going on 27 August for 30 nights, while Arcadia’s departs on 10 September for 24 nights.

Finally, and rather bizarrely, Adonia still appears in the list of “Our Ships”; but there are no cruises listed for her for either 2016 or 2017. I can’t fathom out what she’ll be doing (oh dear….).

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  2. Edwin Todd says:

    Tom I think Adonia is going to be based in the USA involved in their ‘Fathom’ project.

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