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(Update: Revised 27 March.)

I’ve now got a list of all the P&O 2017 cruises by ship and destination and I’ve been able to do some analysis. Here’s what I’ve found on the number of cruises to different destinations:

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 16.34.12


Note that I haven’t included any fly-cruises, either to the Caribbean or to the Mediterranean, nor the World Cruises, nor Oriana’s two 50-night South American grand voyages.

There are also these points to notice:

  • The “Fjords +” category might be better renamed “Iceland”, except not all the cruises go there either. Basically, it’s short-hand for a small number of cruises that go into far northern waters, e.g. Iceland, or the North Cape of Norway, and which may also call at a couple of Fjords ports on the way;
  • The eleven cruises listed for Oceana are mainly at the end of 2017; they come after her return from her fly-cruise season in the Mediterranean;
  • The transatlantic cruises for Azura and Britannia are sold as several different versions, but on each case they’re on those ships a) as they make their to the Caribbean in October 2017, and b) as they come back to Southampton in early spring 2018. I’ve therefore counted them as one cruise in each direction for each ship;
  • the figures for ‘Short (<7 nts)’ includes the figures for ‘Short (2 nts)’; the latter are given separately just to highlight them. (This also means that there are 21 cruises of between 3 and 6 nights’ duration – 36-15=21.)
  • if your figures are different from mine then the most likely answer is that I’ve just miscounted!

Overall, I think there are more short cruises than before, of various lengths; and I’m quite surprised by the paucity of 14 night cruises to St. Petersburg. Just a few years ago those were mainstays of the summer programme.

I hope this is useful.

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Tom, you need to get out more! Only joking – nice work.

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