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P&O 2017 Itineraries

Update 8 March 6pm: Iglu Cruises seems to have removed them from their site – at least, they’re no longer available by searching for a 2017 cruise reference number.

Iglu Cruises have jumped the gun a bit and have started posting the 2017 P&O itineraries on their website. You have to enter the cruise reference number, e.g. ‘N710’ for a Ventura cruise. (Don’t ask me why they use N for Ventura when V is available, but there you go.) at the moment (Monday evening) you,can find itineraries for Aurora, Azura, Britannia, Ventura, and Ocena, but not for Arcadia or Oriana. The letters are: R for Aurora; A for Azura; B for Britannia; N for Ventura; and E for Oceana. (Plus I for Arcadia and X for Oriana). Then 7 for 2017; then pick a two digit number, e.g. B708 will be Britannia’s 8th cruise next year, or R712 will be Aurora’s 12th.
It looks to be the usual mix of Mediterranean, Baltic, Atlantic Islands and short cruises out of Southampton, except,for Oceana. This year she’s been doing the fly-cruises out of Genoa and Venice. It looks as if in 2017 she’ll be operating out of Malta. The cruises will be interesting – a succession of 7-night itineraries. One is in the Aegean, the other in the Adriatic, and they alternate. It also appears that it will be possible to book either 7 night itinerary on its own a 7 night cruise, or two of them together as a 14-night cruise. Each 14 night cruise will not only start and finish at Malta, but it will also call at Malta in the middle of the cruise, to allow passengers on 7-night cruises, and also passengers on a different 14-night itinerary, to embark/disembark. Looks interesting – more so that the Genoa/Venice pendulum cruises Oceana has been doing this year, and which Ventura did last year.

Not that the Oceana cruise references are a bit more complicated. For example, E709 is the number for a 14-night cruise starting on 1 June and going to the Aegean for the first 7 nights, then back to Malta, then into the Adriatic for 7 nights, then finishing at Malta. E709a is the number for the 7-night cruise that consists of that first week, i.e. starts on 1 June and finishes on 8 June ; E709b is the number for a 7-night cruise that consists of the second week (8 June to 15 June) and goes to the Adriatic; and E709c is another 14-night cruise starting on 8 June, finishing on 22 June, and going to the Adriatic first followed by the Aegean. Then the sequence begins again with E710 which is a 14-night cruise starting on 15 June.

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