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In response to yesterday’s post about new embarkation procedures that have been introduced by P&O, Damian Gaughan sent the comment below. I think it adds a useful clarification so I’ve repeated part of it here:-

I think that it is worth mentioning that for Peninsular Club Caribbean and Baltic Tier customers a 1pm embarkation time should be automatically allocated (12:30pm for Ligurian) with priority check-in still applying.

(Thanks to Damian for that clarification.) So high-tier passengers get some priority. I also believe that passengers booked into suites also get an early boarding time (or possibly a boarding time of their choosing) regardless of their loyalty tier. Finally, I understand that some disabled or mobility-impaired passengers will also get early boarding or boarding at a time of their choosing. I don’t know how that’s assessed, however – I wonder if it’s restricted to those passengers who have booked Accessible cabins? If anyone could clarify that with regard to the new arrangements, I’d be grateful.

Finally, a question – does anyone know if Cunard will be following suit? At the moment, of course, all of their ships are off on world cruises. In fact, it looks as if they all return on the same day – 10th May – and therefore start their first regular season cruises the same day. It may therefore be too soon for embarkation instructions to have been sent out to Cunard passengers on these and subsequent cruises, but it will be interesting to find out if the same arrangements will apply.

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  1. Gary says:

    Our situation when boarding is not average as we consist of mixed tier and mixed ability. At our last cruise (Xmas 2015) there was myself & my wife both Caribbean tier, our disabled son and my wife’s mother who is infirm and they are both Mediterranean tier. We all travelled together and all had a 2pm check-in time. Myself, my wife and son were in an accessible cabin. We discovered that as we were Caribbean tier we had priority of 1pm so we asked if we could all check-in together at 1pm which was agreed via email. We have to take our son on and we prefer to help my wife’s mother as this mean’s P&O’s assistants are free to help people who have no one else.
    We arrived at 1:15pm and the arrival lounge appeared full, the assisted boarding was busy but there was no queue at priority. We explained our situation to a women who was controlling the entrance who was very rude to us saying we needed the email saying we could all have priority. We were polite but firm and she eventually let us by ‘just this once’ but I wasn’t going to let it get to me and I figured she was probably having a bad day looking at how busy it was. We got on board pretty much the same as before after that and the rest of the cruise was great.
    So that was our experience and my view is that P&O need to make it a smooth experience when boarding especially with the larger ships but this system is not the way forward. They need to do more preregistration so all you need to do is show your passport and they hand you your cruise card.

    Sorry that was so long 🙂

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Gary.

      I’m glad it all worked out for you eventually, but it shouldn’t have been that difficult. As you say, this all needs to be looked at.

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