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Pictures from Azura


Azura at Lisbon

When we were on Azura in September 2015 I took a lot of pictures of the interior of the ship, our cabin, and some of the open decks, with a view to producing a resource page in this blog for Azura. In the event it didn’t come together and the images have been languishing. That seems a shame, so I’ve collected most of the together – together with one or two from earlier cruises on Ventura – and you can see them below.

First up are some mages of locations inside the ship.

Next are some shots of the open deck.

Then some shots of our cabin and the balcony. This was a standard ‘Balcony with Shower’ cabin so the cabin itself is representative of many around the ship. However this was on C-deck so the actual balcony is twice as large as those on Lido, Riviera, A & B decks, and about 50% bigger than those on D and E decks.


Finally, a look at the clamshell. There are three pictures here. One is of the clamshell itself – the forward-most point of the ship. The other two are of the forbidding-looking doors that you have to get through to get to or from the clamshell area. There are two of them, on E Deck. You have to go as far forward as you can on E deck, all the way down to forward-most cabins (E101 and E102). Then the passage way turns at right angles towards the exterior of the ship for a short distance; and at the end of that is the door. You have to open that. climb over the sill, and then you’re in the clamshell area. This on;y applies to Azura. On Ventura you just have to climb the external steps from the forward end of the Promenade and that takes you straight there, but on Azura they’ve added balconies to the first five E-deck cabins on either side and these balconies take up some of the clamshell area and stop access via stairs from the deck below.


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