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Fathom sinking?

Who remembers Fathom (or ‘fathom’)? – yes, I had to think as well. It’s the new cruise line that Carnival have created to do cruises on Adonia from Miami to Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Fathom’s USP is that these cruises won’t just be cruises, passengers will also be able to engage in ‘social impact immersion experiences’ (Dominican Republic) as well as partake in cultural exchange activities (Cuba). Here’s a link to the posts I’ve done so far about fathom. (This new post appears at the top of the list so you’ll have to scroll down past it.)

For the month of February, Carnival is doing a BOGOF offer for Dominical Republic cruises – of two people cruising, only one has to pay. The offer runs until 29 February, and the cruises are the period April until the end of June. This seems very early in the life of a new cruise line to have to be cutting prices like that. Is fathom having trouble finding its audience? Perhaps, though, it’s just for the Dominican Republic, which US passengers have been able to visit without restriction anyway – perhaps the Cuban cruises are selling well.

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Tom, being very cynical I do wonder what ‘fathom’ is all about. I can’t imagine making money is it’s main purpose!

    Maybe I watch too much X-files?

    • Tom Burke says:

      Well, I’m not sure about them either.

      Actually, I think it’s because Carnival are so big they can afford to take the occasional punt on an idea. Someone came up with the concept and it was decided to try it out. It will either succeed or fail. If it’s the latter, Carnival: a) will have learned something, and b) it won’t have cost them too much to do so. And if it’s a success, Carnival will be seen as visionary and ahead of the market.

      • Malcolm Oliver says:

        I wonder if Carnival are trying to get into the Social and Political ‘good books’ in order to smooth the way later for mass-market cruises to Cuba etc.

        It has always looked like a loss-leader to me.

  2. Malcolm Oliver says:

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    Tom and I have been discussing the fathom project…

  3. Jo Walker says:

    US folk can’t visit Cuba unless for educational etc. reasons; cruise lines which visit eg Thomson, Louis etc cannot visit the USA for 6 months after Cuba; the political scenery there is changing and so lines must be in early. Adonia is keeping the P&O name whilst working from the US, so that won’t be too big a burden… and Carnival are in with one swoop, due to having so many European brands under their belts.

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