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Venice paints a vivid picture

CW6IvbjUkAA3fB_.png-largePlease take a look at the image alongside. It’s very attractive; I especially like the lovely warm glow it has. In fact, I’d be very pleased if I’d taken it myself.

It came from Celebrity Cruises UK on their Twitter feed (@CelebrityUK) – I’m following them. So far, so good, but then they rather spoiled it by adding the following text to the image: “A city built by Italy’s best architects. Venice paints a vivid picture”.

I was a bit confused by this as the last time I saw this bridge, it was in Florence. I wasn’t the only one to think so as several others made the same point. I’m pleased to say that @CelebrityUK replied, agreeing that it was indeed in Florence.

Now we just wait for a Venice picture….

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