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15113-dscn8003-kopieI did a post in November about an engine room fire that Pennant’s ‘Le Boreal’ suffered in the south Atlantic. As a result of this the passengers had to abandon ship. First reports even suggested that the ship was left drifting.

That was rather wide of the mark – she was quickly taken under tow to a port where presumably she was assessed. It now seems that dutch salvage company Dutch Offshore Contractors are dealing with her. The picture above shows Le Boreal loaded on what’s officially described as a ‘Heavy Lift Vessel’, the HLV Kang Shen Kou. Just to put the image into context, Le Boreal is over 450 feet long and has a tonnage of just under 11,000.

No information as to where she’s going. Here’s a link to the Dutch Offshore Contractors site.

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