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Back in January Fred. Olsen’s Boudicca suffered an engine room fire during a cruise, and I did a few posts about it. There were a couple of posts in the immediate aftermath – here and here – and then an account by a passenger who was on board during the event. Finally, I did a post about the expected report following an investigation by the Bahamas Maritime Authority (Boudicca, like all Fred. Olsen ships, is registered in Nassau). I was told at that time that the report would probably be available in the summer, and that’s what I published. Obviously summer has come and gone and the report has not appeared.

Recently I emailed the Bahamas Maritime Authority about this and received a reply to the effect that they hoped to publish the report “in the near future”. I am still monitoring the relevant Bahamas Maritime Authority page, and as soon as something become available, I’ll post a link here.

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