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Update: there’s a press release on Ponant’s website which says that Le Boreal is now docked near Port Stanley where she is being examined. (I gather she was towed there.) Passengers are being repatriated from Stanley, and obviously cruises on Le Boreal have been cancelled. (I love the phrase ‘there was a fire of a technical nature…’ Does that mean you can have a non-technical fire?)

The French luxury cruise line Ponant have suffered a major problem with one of their ships, Le Boreal. After suffering a major engine room fire, she’s been left drifting without power or propulsion in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands.

All passengers and crew have been evacuated with the assistance of British forces from the Falklands. Apparently Ponant’s other ship, L’Austral, is also in the area and is helping convey passengers to Stanley.

No word on Le Boreal’s prospects. Here’s a link to a BBC news story about it.

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