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So we’re back home. We self-disembarked Azura at 7:30 this morning. This seemed hard this time; we had more stuff than ever before and it was a bit of a struggle. Perhaps we’ll reconsider doing it this way for future cruises. Although next year’s cruise will be easier, as it will be for just 7 nights and therefore we’ll have fewer bags.

One thing of interest – there were customs officials on duty in the customs area of the baggage hall, and they were checking some peoples’ bags – there were bags open on the inspection tables, things out of them, etc. I don’t ever recall seeing that happen before but it certainly was this morning.

We were in the car just after 7:30 and home just after midday – the drive home was slowed slightly by us making a couple of stops and by a couple of holdups on the M1, through the roadworks north of J15 and again between J28 and J29. But they didn’t delay us too long. One thing I am noticing as I get older is that I’m finding these long drives harder. I’m beginning to think about the cost of using the Baggage Handling Company for our bags, and then the train to get us to and from Southampton – we have a direct service from Sheffield, or we can travel via London. Maybe for another cruise. And now we’ve both got Senior Railcards, it wouldn’t be quite so expensive….

But that’s it for this year. I’ll do my summary and review in a few days – right now the washing machine is calling me!

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  1. Linda says:

    Sounds like some passengers have over done their cigarette allowance. We noted how prices were very cheap on Celebrity. We saw many people buying far more than the duty free allowance. We are non smokers so didn’t buy any but guessed many would. Then the ship is probably required to then inform customs officials. Once they have made their sales of course! A stop in Gibraltar on the itinerary would also get more attention from customs.
    Going to miss your daily blog Tom. Our next booked cruise isn’t until July next year to Alaska on HAL … A first with this cruise line. I’m sure we will squeeze in a couple of late offers before that … But plan to cruise less often … Well that’s the plan.

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