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We ate in the main dining room last night for the formal night. We both enjoyed the food – as it happened, we both chose a chicken soup for starter and roast lamb slices for the main course – but we found ourselves with somewhat less congenial table companions than on other nights. Never mind, we didn’t linger at the table and went to the Glasshouse for a post-prandial glass of wine. Then we went to see a comedian in the theatre, Adrian Walsh, and i have to admit this was one of the best acts we’ve ever seen. He’s a fairly elderly gentleman and just told jokes – no audience humiliation, nothing politically pointed, just stream-of-consciousness jokes, and we both enjoyed it very much. Apparently he’s a P&O regular, and has also done TV work in the past, although I’ve not heard of him before (not that that means much).

Today we’re in Cadiz, and we have company – Arcadia is in port with us. We’re doing an excursion this morning – “Vejer and Cape Trafalgar” – snd this afternoon we think we’ll just go ashore and wander around. One slightly annoying thing – we went to a port talk on Cadiz yesterday and we told about a tour we didn’t know about – “Tavira Tower and Walk”. Apparently this is a new excursion and wasn’t available when I made the excursion bookings online – back in May, it seems.

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  1. Hi Tom. Thanks for the reports, we’re really enjoying them. You can easily visit Tavira Tower on your own and it does not take long to see everything (30 minutes tops from memory).
    All the best

    • Tom Burke says:

      Indeed, we have done so this afternoon. We arrived with about 20 minutes to wait for the next Camera Obscura session so we went up to the Terrace (wibble – I don’t like heights). So we were there for about 50 minutes.

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