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We had another meal in Sindhu last night. Pretty much as good as the previous one – if there was any negative it would be that my Traditional Rogan Josh wasn’t as spectacular as the main course I had before; somewhat nearer what I might get in an ordinary UK curry restaurant than is usual from Sindhu. But the starter and desserts were excellent, and Val enjoyed her fish – Cod Loin with various accompaniments. But overall the meal was worth the money, we felt.

After that we sat in Manhattan for a while listening to a selection of Latin music before a performance by Manuel Martinez, a Comedian/Conjurer allegedly from Cuba. In fact, he’s about as Cuban as I am… Overall it wasn’t bad, though his tricks weren’t exactly startling and most of the act was comedy, including the “get the poor audience member up on the stage” bit. At least he wasn’t using the funny voice masks. However, given that he was at least 50% comedian his conjurer’s patter was good, and his final joke/trick, the story of the first magic trick he ever did, was very well done. and finished on a high note.

Today is a sea day and we’ve been lazy. We went to a port talk on Cadiz this morning and we’ve just had a lunch in the Glasshouse where we suffered a real disappointment – the Trio of Artisan British Sausages, wasn’t available. Val recovered admirably and chose the Trio of Mini Gourmet Burgers (cabin beef, venison, and shrimp & crab) which she says were lovely – the two meat ones especially –  but were also quite messy – there was a lot of mayonaisse and ketchup in there. I stumbled and chose the Wild Mushroom, brown butter and parsley risotto – I think I might have missed the ‘risotto’ bit in that description. Anyway, we washed it down with a couple of glasses of a Merlot wine, and had dessert and coffee to follow.

Tonight is the black and white night which we’re really looking forward to. Honest…. it’s around this point in the cruise that even we wonder about putting the posh frocks on. Tomorrow we’re in Cadiz, where we’re doing a morning excursion, “Vejer and Cape Trafalgar”. Then we may well go ashore in the afternoon and explore Cadiz.

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  1. Linda says:

    What surprised us the most was the sentence … We SAT in Manhattan … During all of our cruises on both Azura and Ventura seats in the lounge have always been like hens teeth. We have stood … Leaned … Perched … Watched the overhead tv monitors … but never sat.

    • Tom Burke says:

      We got there right at the end of the Cuban conjurer’s previous show at 8:30 as a lot of people were leaving.

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