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Last night’s meal in The Epicurean was more more enjoyable than our first. Perhaps it was because we preferred the choices on the menu (different menu last night – there are two, which they switch every few days), or maybe we were more relaxed. I won’t go through the full details of our menu choices, but Val had fish – English Turbot – for her main course, and I had lamb. Both were delicious. Then Val had Crepes Suzette for dessert, and this was prepared at the table. Great fun to watch.

Today we’re in Ajaccio, the fourth port day in succession. We’re tendering, which is different from the visit a couple of years ago – then, Ventura berthed. We’re doing our own thing. We’re going to try to get ashore quickly and use local transport to get to the Tour de Parata. “All aboard” is at 3 o’clock this afternoon, which rather precludes a leisurely lunch ashore – Val says that she would be twitching and unable to relax and enjoy the meal. So we’ll probably just back on board once we get back into town.

Tonight we have another meal in Sindhu, and tomorrow will be a sea day. In fact from tomorrow onwards we have just one more port day – Cadiz, on Wednesday – and three sea days before returning to Southampton. After today, the cruise will definitely be winding down. But at least we won’t be calling at Vigo on the way back…..

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