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Europa Point early in the morning.

Today we’ve been in Gibraltar, and we’ve been doing our own thing.

Azura didn’t dock until 9:30 by which time we’d had breakfast and were getting ready to go ashore. In the end we left the ship some time around 10 o’clock – there was a steady stream of people doing the same thing.

We’ve been to Gibraltar a couple of times already, and we’ve done the Rock and one or two obvious sights such as the Alameda Gardens. This time we decided to go out to Europa Point. I’d done some research and had discovered that the #2 bus went there from some point in town, but we weren’t sure exactly where. The nice man in the Information booth at the cruise terminal was able to tell us exactly what we needed to know, however. We flirted with the idea of getting a taxi/shuttle into the town but in the end decided to walk – it took us about 15 minutes – and on arrival at the bus station in the Market place we found a suitable bus waiting. An ’All Day All Routes’ ticket cost us £2.25 each, and the journey out to Europa Point took somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes. One thing’s for sure – I wouldn’t want to drive a bus in Gibraltar, even the slightly smaller very manoeuvreable ones they have here.

There’s not a lot at Europa Point, to be honest, though it has been laid out very nicely. We wandered around and took some pictures and in the end spent just about 30 minutes out there. But we felt that we’d done something a bit different, and it was certainly pleasant. Then it was back to the town on the bus and a coffee at the Little Rock cafe in Casemates Square. After that we ventured up Main Street to make a careful reconnaissance of the duty-free shops, resulting in the purchase of a couple of bottles of single malt whisky. Ardbeg and Balvenie, since you ask…. We were back on the ship and in the buffet for a salad lunch by about 1:30, and shortly after sailaway at 2:30 we found ourselves in The Glasshouse (again….) where glasses of Rioja (Val) and Tannat (me) were bought and consumed. This afternoon it’s been sunny and warm and we’ve spent the time since leaving the Glasshouse sitting on our balcony.

Tonight we’re having a meal in The Epicurean. This will be the third ‘special meal’ in a row; tomorrow we’d better go back to the main restaurant. But we’re looking forward to tonight’s meal first. Tomorrow is a sea day, and may well begin with a visit to the launderette.

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