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Azura 2015 – Vigo



Today was Vigo! Contain your enthusiasm, please.

We berthed about 30 minutes later than scheduled, as a result of a fairly heavy swell last night which delayed us a bit. During the night Azura did creak and groan a bit, and one point between 2 and 3am she hit a pothole and various things in the cabin went flying. But we slept OK, considering.

So – Vigo. We’ve been here a number of times before and have done a number of things in the town. It’s quite surprising to notice that when we were first here in 2008, I think, we described Vigo as an ‘unexpected delight’. Well, its charms have become very familiar. This time we did an excursion, “La Toja Island by Trolley Train”. We enjoyed it, although it wasn’t quite what we had expected. There was a drive of about 100 minutes to the ‘small fishing village’ of O Grove. The drive was very good, through the Galician countryside with an informative guide (who I think I recognised from a previous visit), and with a couple of short detours to notable local spots. However, we didn’t think O Grove was a small fishing village when we got there, it looked more like a reasonably-sized town. Then we boarded the Trolley Train which trundled round around parts of O Grove before heading off across the La Toja bridge to La Toja island. I think we had expected this to be some sort of natural paradise, whereas in fact it was fully developed (in a restrained and stylish way). We were on the trolley train for about 45 minutes during which time we trundled all round the island. Then it was time for lunch – included in the excursion – which was tapas and drinks at one of the three hotels on the island. Then we had maybe 35 minutes free time before we rebounded the coach for the drive back to Vigo. This was quicker on return as we stuck more to the motorways rather than used the country roads.

Re-reading the excursion description when we got back, it seems that we had got it wrong – it did indeed describe La Toja island as “an international resort famous for its thermal spa and tranquil lifestyle”, and in another place it was described as “elegant”, which it certainly was.

So not quite what we were expecting but perfectly enjoyable in parts. La Toja was beautiful, but not quite in the way we expected, and the views over the local estuary were good. The drive was enjoyable, and the tapas was lovely (says Val). In any case, if we hadn’t done this I’m not sure what else we would have done. The weather was very gloomy when we arrived – 10/10ths cloud, and rain at time – but during the morning it cleared up (where we were, at least) and it was even warm in the sun and out of the wind.

Departure from Vigo was at 5pm, delayed by 30 minutes to make up for the late arrival. Now it’s on to Lisbon where we are also doing an excursion – “Sintra, Grinch and Cascais”. But before that we will be dining in Sindhu tonight.

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  1. Linda says:

    Wish we were dining in Sindhu tonight …. Got to be the best restaurant at sea.
    We visited Sintra by local train earlier in the year. Last week we had a half day in Cascais both excellent visits. …. Hope you get enough time to enjoy the palace and the weather improves so you can enjoy the amazing views.

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