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Here’s a something I enjoyed reading. We’re so used to hearing about this or that wonderful new feature on ships which all seem to be the biggest, the best, the most green, the one with the most Michelin stars, and I sometimes think that the lines have forgotten that most people go on cruises to relax and enjoy themselves. P&O’s Glasshouse was one honourable exception, and here’s another one – Fred Olsen’s Bookmark Cafe. It’s a place on each of their ships where you can get speciality coffees or teas, plus chocolates. The thing I really like about it is that Fred. Olsen simply say that their passengers like it. No stars, no “it’s good for the environment”, just “they like it”.

….they have quickly become firm favourites with our guests

They’ve been on the ships for a while, I gather – they were introduced on each ship at its most recent drydock – but they’re being officially launched now. Why are they called ‘The Bookmark’ cafe? – because they’re next door to the library on each ship.

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  1. Solent Richard says:

    Any idea how their prices compare with other speciality coffee shops Tom?

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