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There has been even more confusion over that excursion to Cinque Terre while we’re on our forthcoming cruise on Azura.

(Before I add some details, I had better explain my silence for the last week. I had a short holiday in Scotland; then when I returned there was all the usual ‘unpacking and washing’ palaver, both for me and for Val who returned on Friday from her normal week away working; and then on Saturday we celebrated our Ruby wedding anniversary. That’s 40 years, since you ask…. so doing blog posts wasn’t at the top of my priorities last week.)

Back to the excursion. The ‘Beautiful Cinque Terre’ excursion is no longer appearing at all in my Cruise Personaliser, whereas a week or so ago, when I called Iglu about it, it was. So I called them again, and Sam at Iglu, very patiently and long-sufferingly, checked with P&O again and confirmed that it is still on. I then checked the general list of excursions from Livorno (i.e. not just for our cruise) and that excursion is listed, at 9 1/2 hours. So it looks as if it will be happening after all, albeit it will be long and tiring.

In fact we decided that it was likely to be so long and tiring that we wanted to move our already-booked meal in Sindhu for that day to a different day. That turned out to be possible by use of the cruise personaliser, but in a rather convoluted fashion – although there’s an option to ‘Change Booking’ (under the Dining – Booked Tables menu within Cruise Personaliser), when you start actually changing your booking it turns out that what you’re doing is cancelling the original and making a completely fresh one. But it all worked – within a couple of minutes I received emails from all and sundry advising me of a refund to my credit card of the cost of the original booking, and a charge for the new one. Maybe that’s just easier than trying to shift the booking – putting my (pre-retirement) IT hat on, I can see that a cancel & rebook operation would probably be safer than a move.

So for now, we’re going to assume that it’s all going ahead as planned. Which is good because (as I said in a previous post) the excursion to Cinque Terre was something we were especially looking forward to

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