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One of my readers, Damian Gaughan, has recently returned from a 14-night cruise on Britannia, and he’s sent me his review of it. I’m publishing it here – with his permission, of course – because it’s written from a perspective that’s completely different from the one I would have. This is because Damian and his wife did this cruise with their 5-year old son, and of course this had a huge affect, both in terms of on-board activities and what they did ashore, on their cruise experience. On that basis alone it’s well worth a read – Britannia is marketed as a (very) ‘family friendly’ ship and I hope therefore that this will be helpful to other parents of young children who are considering a cruise on Britannia or another large, modern cruise ship. That’s a perspective that I simply don’t have and therefore can’t provide from my own experience.

Damian’s review takes the form of a PDF which runs to quite a few pages, so rather than copy and paste the content into this post, I’ve left it as a file to open. The link appears below.

Britannia B515 Review

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  1. Thanks Tom!
    I’ll just add that there’s nothing about The Reef (kids club) as our son is not yet self-confident enough to stay there on his own and adults are restricted to either 15 minutes settling-in time or 1 hour guest time. We did register him (I had to wait in a big queue to do this) and access to the club is very controlled (you have to ring a doorbell to get through a locked door and be signed-in).
    It is a lot stricter that what we experienced on Oceana 2 years ago (which was more like a drop-in centre) probably due to heightened safeguarding requirements.
    We did have a look around and it was impressive with lots of play options, just a shame it didn’t suit our son.

  2. I’ve just found P&O’s pre-cruise excursion brochure. Their prices for a 4 hour excursion to Praya de Samil (Vigo) were £19 per adult, £9 per child or a family ticket £47 (2 adults & 2 children).

  3. Vicky says:

    Very helpful review, thank you for posting. We have done 5 cruises before (4x P&O) and are considering booking a Caribbean cruise on Britannia for my 40th but it will be our first cruise with our daughter (who’ll be nearly 4 when we go). Was going to opt for Freedom dining but after reading your review the club dining option sounds like it might be the better one to go for.

  4. Hi Vicky.
    We chose Freedom Dining to give us some flexibility (I’m sure you know what it is like trying to get a young child ready for anything on time). However on relection our son was better suited to a settled routine of the same table and waiters hence my comment of considering club dining next time.
    For me the Oriental Restaurant was definitely nicer so my suggestion would be to request that and see how you get on. If it’s not working out when you’re onboard you can always ask one of the restaurant managers if you can change (we’ve successfully done that in the past too).
    All the best.

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