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There are some excellent cruise deals being offered at the moment for December cruises before Christmas with P&O. Here are some examples:-

  • N535 on Ventura, 12 nights to the Canaries leaving on 1 December: Inside cabins from £599, Balcony cabins from £779;
  • R519 on Aurora, 14 nights to the Mediterranean leaving on 5 December: Inside cabins from £599, outside cabins from £699;
  • E528 on Oceana, 14 nights to Iberia leaving on 7 December: Inside cabins from £699;
  • B527A on Britannia, 14/5 nights in the Caribbean leaving on 5 December: Inside cabins from £1249, including flights;
  • and cheapest of all, X525 on Oriana to Iberia leaving on 9 December: Inside cabins from £489.

All those prices are for Early Saver fares. Select fares are also available, with extra OBC. For example, on N535 on Ventura an outside cabin would be ‘from £749’ for an Early Saver fare and ‘from £839’ for a select fare which is an extra £90pp or £180 for two people. However, apparently there’s a total of £165 OBC available (for the cabin) for Outside cabin Select fare bookings on that cruise so the effective price is very little different. And of course with a Select fare you can choose your cabin and dining arrangements.

Prices go up a lot for cruises a bit later, of course. While you can book an inside cabin on Oceana for £699 for cruise E528 (sailing on 7 December), the next cruise (E529), sailing on 21 December and including both Christmas and New Year, will cost £1,399 for the same class of cabin on an Early Saver fare – that’s just about double the cost. A balcony cabin on the same cruise will cost £3,129. That’s a Select fare – Early Savers fares aren’t available for Balcony cabins on this cruise. That’s almost three times the price of an equivalent cabin on the earlier cruise, on which Early Savers are available and would cost just £ 849.

I’ve got all these fares from the P&O Cruises website. It’s possible that a TA might be able to better them, of course.

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  1. David Archer says:

    Hi Tom

    I booked the 12 night cruise to the Canaries last week using Select Fare. The cost per person was £999 but with a special £195 on board spend allowance this effectively reduced the cost to £804 which is just £25 more than the Saver Fare and I get all the extra Select Fare benefits. Note however that the special on board spend offer only applies to balconies and above and it expires at the end of this month.

    Also for those familiar with cashback sites (I use ‘TopCashback’) and you book online direct with P&O through the cashback site and pay in full at time of booking you can claim an additional 4.2% which equates to a further £42 per person. So I in effect I paid £762 pp for a 12 night cruise in a balcony cabin.

    Thats £63:50 per person per night which is an absolute bargain.

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