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Azura at the Grand Event

Azura at the Grand Event

Andrew Sassoli-Walker did a Facebook post the other day lamenting the recent non-appearance of the Red Arrows over Southampton because of bad weather. I read it and nodded to myself, thinking that this was obviously a regular occurrence. Most recently, I thought, with the P&O Grand Event, when we were due to see not just the Red Arrows but also (if rumour was correct), the Battle of Britain flight as well. “How long ago was that?”, I mused to myself; and then realised that it would be three years ago today (3 July).

So here are some images of what did happen. There was rain; there were seven ships; there was even more rain; there was the Princess Royal, though I didn’t see her; and despite everything, it was an event. But there wasn’t the Red Arrows…



What made it especially frustrating was that a couple of days later, the weather was like this….

Oriana in the Amsterdam sunshine

Oriana in the Amsterdam sunshine










What were other people’s memories of the Grand Event?

3 Responses to “Three years since the Grand Event”

  1. Iain Smith says:

    was still an enjoyable day regardless of the weather and we had a great 17 day cruise on Ventura

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Iain.

      We were on Oriana for what was just a 3 or 4 night cruise (it was the cheapest ticket to the party!) so for us the Event itself was a big part of the whole holiday. I can see that in the context of a 17-night cruise there would have been many other memories to take home.

  2. Gary says:

    It was our first time on Oriana and it was only 3 years ago, seems like longer to me though I’ve just counted, 12 holidays since (6 cruises) and we go again on Saturday (not a cruise) – too much? No 🙂

    It would have been good to have better weather at the Grand Event for sure but not for the Red Arrows, they’re good but were only a small part in my opinion and we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise (sans first day weather)

    We did see the Princess, briefly in the Atrium then through my zoom lens when she was on Patricia, I didn’t remember the ships name I had to look at a photo. Talking of photos we were just to your right hand side (out of shot) when you took that sail away photo in Amsterdam 😀

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