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I did a post about this recently. One of the issues that arose in it was whether to buy an internet package in advance or after embarkation. Solent Richard commented (in the context of Cunard) “Just to say that on Cunard there is always an additional amount of Internet time offered as an incentive in the first 24 hours on board“.

I had a look back at my posts from our Baltic cruise on Azura last summer for which I had bought an internet package in advance, and I see that I commented that one way and another I’d got two lots of extra minutes: one for buying in advance, and the other for actually getting the account set up on the first day. All told, I got 320 minutes for the advertised price of 250.

That was last summer, of course – almost a year ago today, in fact – and there’s no guarantee that the same generosity is available this year. But that’s what happened. Here’s a link to the relevant post.

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