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Carnival Corporation has today announced that it has finalised an order with Meyer Werft in Germany for four new mega-ships. The ships will definitely be the largest ever for any Carnivsl Corporation line, and will hold a total of 6,600 passengers – yes, 6,600. That’s maximum capacity; normal capacity will be a mere 5,000. Two of the ships will be built at Papenburg, Meyer Werft’s traditional base, and the other two will be built at the Turku shipyard in Finland, which Meyer Werft bought recently.

Two of the ships will be for Aida, the German cruise line, and as long as they can be filled their presence will cement Germany’s position as the leading European cruise market – it overtook the UK in the last year or so. The other two look as if they may be for Costa Cruises.

The press release gives some information about the. Ships. First, they wil be be fuelled with LNG, and on this basis Carnival Corp is claiming that they will be the greenest cruise ships afloat. Secondly, the release says that a “major part of the innovative design involves making much more efficient use of the ship’s spaces, creating an enhanced onboard experience for guests”. This is just as well, since at 180,000 tons they will be smaller in tonnage terms that Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class which holds fewer passengers. We will see eventually how enhanced the onboard experience for guests turns out to be.

This is just part of a 9-ship order that Carnival Corp has already announced. The details of the remaining five ships is not known nor which Carnival Corp lines will receive them. I have heard some rumours that P&O might have been in the frame to receive one, but if they’re all going to be *that* big, I think I’d prefer it if P&O missed out.

Here’s a link to the release.

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    When Carnival design a new ship they tend to keep it for a decade or more and just tweak the deign, over the years. The 1998 ‘Grand Princess’ Design is an example, which has only just be superseded by the ‘Royal Princess’ design.

    Carnival also tend to distribute the designs widely around their brands.

    It’s not impossible that P&O or Cunard might get one of these monsters, sooner or later.

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