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I said a couple of days ago that I was away for a week and probably wouldn’t be posting anything during that time. Well, as it happens the ships came to me; or at least one of them did, and the opportunity to get a picture and post it was too good to miss.

When I returned from a day trip to Rethymno at about 6pm I was surprised and delighted to find a ship moored in the bay just off Chania harbour. It was Oceania Cruises’ Riviera, one of their two truly beautiful new-builds. I was able to take this picture of her from a high point in the town above the port, but by the time I’d legged it down to the port to try to get a closer look, she was on her way – they must have been about to recover that last tender that you can see in the picture.

I’d very much like to cruise with Oceania one day, though (as I’ve hinted in earlier posts) I’m not sure if I really think the extra cost would be worth it. Ah to be rich enough to not mind….

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