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Mayflower Terminal

Another slow week for cruise and cruise-related news, which means that I haven’t posted anything. However, I have been cudgelling the brain cells and I’ve realised that there is something I’d like to know from my readers: what’s the newly-refurbished Mayflower Terminal like?

This has some relevance because according to the latest information on the Southampton VTS site, we will be using the Mayflower terminal for our cruise on Azura this autumn. Ever since our cruise on Ventura in 2010, we’ve got used to using the Ocean Terminal. We must have used the other terminals before that, and I can certainly remember starting at least one cruise at the QEII terminal, but I can’t remember much about them. Except the Grand Event in 2012, that is: we were on Oriana and she departed from the City terminal, and I recall arriving there and queueing for over an hour to check in. One of the things I very much like about the Ocean terminal is that after you arrive you can sit and relax, you’re not stood up shuffling forward in a long queue.

With Britannia, Royal Princess and Queen Mary 2 having automatic access to the Ocean terminal whenever they’re in port, any other ship, even a large one, will find itself bounced to another terminal. Previously I think that the QEII terminal would have been the next choice – indeed, my recollection is that when I first checked our departure terminal for the autumn it was from the QEII – but I’ve had it suggested to me that Ventura and Azura may well in future be redirected to the Mayflower terminal instead.

So – if any of my readers have used the refurbished Mayflower terminal, what’s it like? Crucially, is there a decent-sized seating area before the check-in desks where you can relax and wait? And how do the car parking arrangements work? Over to my readers…..

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  1. Hilary says:

    We boarded Azura on May 10th for the delayed cruise. We arrived by taxi and were dropped off right by the entrance where there are now escalators to the left to take you upstairs to the check in area. We found it quick and easy and they provided a string quartet to welcome us! I didn’t pay much attention to eateries, it was all so,quick and slick and not something we needed. Just one niggly bit – after check in you have to sort of double back on yourself and it could get messy if there were lots of people. We seem to have chosen a quiet spell…we arrived about 12.40pm just before the coaches. Nicely refurbished and so much better than the last time we used it a couple of years ago,

  2. clive says:

    Just back from a cruise on Aurora and used Mayflower for departure and arrival. Whilst I didn’t notice a change on arrival (wheeled off) departure was a huge improvement. Basically they have replicated the way Ocean works in the existing space so no more winding line to check in. There is a seating area with cafe facilities as per Ocean (not sampled as straight through) before check in. I agree with Hilary’s comment about the doubling back but I suspect with experience they will improve this. No doubt overall a major improvement.

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