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I’m conscious that this cruise blog may have become rather P&O-centric in the last few years and that wasn’t what I originally intended, although it does reflect the kind of cruising we’ve been doing in that time. But UK cruising is about much more than P&O, and one of the major players in recent years has been Royal Caribbean, which has placed a ship (at least one ship) in the UK for most of each year. This year they’ve got Brilliance of the Seas cruising out of Harwich and Explorer of the Seas out of Southampton. Both of those are older ships, but this year’s headline ship is Anthem of the Seas, the second of their new Quantum class of ships.

So what is cruising on Anthem of the Seas like? Well, not having been on her I wouldn’t know, of course; but a number of other bloggers and cruise reviewers have and I’ve rounded up some of their reviews.

First, there’s Sharon Poole, who not only cruises but is also a Host for the P&O forum on Cruise Critic. She has a blog ‘Ships in my Life’, and she’s recently blogged there about a short cruise on Anthem of the Seas. You can find part 1 of that review here; to get to parts 2 and 3, just click on ‘Newer Post’ at the bottom.

Interestingly, Jane Chadwick was on the same cruise as Sharon (I think that’s true). Jane works in the industry and has a blog, ‘Go Cruise with Jane’, that’s a way into her cruise business. Here’s a link to her review of her cruise on Anthem of the Seas.

Finally, Malcolm Oliver has also cruised on this ship. He has published a very long and detailed review of his cruise, with especial comparison with NCL – relevant, because it was NCL who pioneered the flexible dining approach a numbers of years ago that all the lines are now adopting and which Royal Caribbean are trying to take to the next level – ‘Dynamic Dining’ – on the Quantum class. Malcolm has cruised with NCL as well as with Royal Caribbean so he’s able to compare the way flexible dining is done on both.

I hope my readers will find these reviews helpful.

2 Responses to “Some reviews of Anthem of the Seas”

  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Thanks for the name-check Tom.

    In order to broaden your blog you NEED to book different ships and different lines, even if you do not fancy them.

    The blog MUST come first. 😉

    • Tom Burke says:

      You’re quite right.

      Must feed the blog…. Must feed the blog…. Must feed the blog….

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