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So I’m back from my holiday – very good indeed, and thank you for asking. You can find out all about it here.

One impact of being away these last two weeks is that I have missed the various Cunard 175 celebrations, which is a pity. However, I – and you – will be able to watch today’s 3 Queens meeting in the Mersey via this live streaming link.

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  1. Hello Tom and welcome home.

    Yep, Cunard are quite rightly milking today’s events for all they’re worth and quite rightly so.

    Me, I’m giving them a miss this time, the real anniversary event where I am concerned is the July commemorative crossing.

    I’ve just joined Celebrity Eclipse on a bit of a mischievous ‘solo’ mission – she’s just had a refit and there are a few nice changes. Indeed, talking of changes, Celebrity has now followed Cunard and have a dedicated dining restaurant for their suite guests. It’s called Luminae.

    Where Cunard lead, others follow.

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