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Azura made it out of Southampton this afternoon – it looks like she got away at about 4 o’clock which was an hour later than expected. I’ve heard that this was due to ‘late arrivals’, which is hard to credit given that they’d had an extra two days to get themselves to Southampton. But she’s underway and let’s hope that all the problems have been resolved.

I’m off on a holiday for nearly two weeks starting tomorrow (11 May). I’ll be in Washington DC for a few nights, after which I’ll be doing a six-night road trip around Virginia. I’m hoping to see some great museums, meet some people (I’m staying in B&Bs rather hotels) visit some historical sites and see a lot of natural beauty as the trio will include the Virginia section of Appalachian mountains. What I won’t be doing, however, is posting about cruises so there won’t be a lot here until after my return. Unless something dramatic happens, of course.

One thing I will mention – I’ve started a new blog, Tom’s Travel Blog. There’s not a lot there yet but I’m hoping to add content during the trip. Feel free to drop in and take a look.

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