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Why oh why aren’t there any reliable webcams in Southampton harbour – it would seem to be an excellent site for one, with the constant traffic up and down the harbour. I have to make do with snatched images from ship cameras instead. So here are a couple, grabbed at just after 2pm today, 9 May.

The first is from Caribbean Princess, berthed today at the QEII terminal. Ignoring the car carrier immediately in front of her (‘Morning Caroline’, since you ask….) that’s Royal Princess further back and just off to the right-hand side; she’s in the Ocean terminal. Then I think you can also see Celebrity Eclipse further back, near the left-hand side of the image: she’s berthed at the City terminal.

The other image above is from Adonia, and that’s giving us a close-up of (most of) Azura’s bows including a good look at the new paint job. I think they’re both at the Mayflower. Azura was supposed to be back yesterday, of course, and isn’t leaving until tomorrow.


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