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Azura underway!

Looking at AIS I can see that Azura is underway – she’s exiting Bergen right now (07:55, 7 May). Her destination is shown as Southampton. Assuming that all is now well with her, she ought to make it back to Southampton by Saturday morning.

I’ll try to find out more about the electrical problems that affected Azura.

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  1. Ross Evans says:

    my parents are on this disasterous norwegian Azura cruise. They only managed to get off the boat at Bergen 1st time round and Flam 1st time round they visited Gerainger but wern’t allowed off the boat loosing £120.00 of extenal bookings for excursions and never vistied Stavenger. They arrive 24 hours late. I am looking for a full compensation from P&O if not 50/75% of price paid as been a real mess. What do you think the likely compensation could be for soemthing like this? It’s their first cruise and Im sure their last….

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