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Update: Christopher Edgington has posted the following announcement on the P&O Facebook page:-

We are pleased to confirm the new itinerary for Azura’s cruise which will leave Southampton on Sunday. Unfortunately we have had to omit Cadiz and Naples but have retained the rest of the ports of call as follows.
Sunday May 10 – Southampton – sail at 1500
Monday May 11 – at sea
Tuesday May 12 – at sea
Wednesday May 13 – at sea
Thursday May 14 – Barcelona 0800 – 1700
Friday May 15 – Monte Carlo 0800 – 1800
Saturday May 16 – Civitavecchia (for tours to Rome) 0700 – 1900
Sunday May 17 – Cagliari, Sardinia 0900 – 1700
Monday May 18 – at sea
Tuesday May 19 – Gibraltar 0800 – 1300
Wednesday May 20 – at sea
Thursday May 21 – at sea
Friday May 22 – Southampton
All those who have booked tours will be transferred automatically to the new dates. Tours for Cadiz and Naples will be refunded.
To summarise the arrangements:
Check in times are as follows
R deck – 10.30 am
A deck – 11.00 am
B & C deck – 12pm
D & E deck – 1pm
F & P deck – 1.30pm
Check in will close at 1.45pm as we are aiming to sail at 3pm.
For those travelling by coach either with us or Eavesway then the time will be the same, but on Sunday morning instead of Friday.
We will be sending everyone full details by text and email today.
Again we apologise for the disruption and delay and will be doing everything we can to ensure everyone has a fantastic holiday.

I’ve also tried to find out of P&O are classifying this as a ‘Significant Alteration’ as per the Booking Conditions. No luck with that, I’m afraid – they’re not saying anything about that.


Original post:

As I understand it, P&O have said that passengers on the shortened Azura cruise will receive a 15% refund from the cost of this cruise, and a 10% reduction in the price of the next cruise they book (or take? – I’m not clear what the situation is for people who have already booked more cruises but not yet fully paid for them). Some people have expressed their dissatisfaction at this.

Looking at the figures, I think that 2 days is just over 14% of 14 days, so I suppose P&O reckon that reducing the cost of the cruise by 15% is fair – the price reduction matches the cruise duration reduction . But I can sense a lot of disappointment from people, and I wonder if P&O shouldn’t have gone a bit further in this case. Especially as many passengers will have made arrangements for hotels in Southampton for tonight, flights, train fares, etc, all of which will be expensive to cancel and probably very difficult to replace for Sunday.

Here’s a question for people: would it be better for P&O to not bother with the ‘10% off future cruises’ and instead concentrate on making it up to affected passengers during the shortened cruise? Perhaps by providing some amount of OBC – £50 or £100, say, in addition to the price reduction for that cruise? Potentially, the 10% reduction for a future cruise could be worth more for those able and willing to take up the offer – let’s say a 14 night cruise can be booked for somewhere around £1500, that would obviously be £150 reduction per person. But that future cruise could be a long way away, and not everyone will be able to take up the offer. Perhaps an immediate offer, even for an amount that would in fact be lower in value, might be better received. What do readers think?

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  1. Sharon Robinson says:

    I would agree – this is the first cruise I will be taking with P&O and I am not sure if we would book another, so better for us if the 10% off next cruise was an on board spend, the guy from P&O i spoke to last night did say they would cover extra nights in Southampton, as we are already set to go night and spend the night there, although test will be when we get onboard with receipts to see if they will refund!

    • Martin Attridge says:

      My wife and I have just returned from the Azura cruise to Norway on 9 May, having been impacted by the problems of being unable to land at Geiranger and then engine difficulties preventing a stop at Stavanger.This resulted in a diversion to Bergen to get fixed and a return on Saturday, 9 May, a day late. We ended up spending 7 days out of 9 at sea instead of the scheduled 4 out of 8.

      We were reimbursed for our two lost trips ashore and given £100 each on board credit on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis, as were all other passengers. In addition we have been offered 20% of the the cost of this cruise to be set against a future cruise. This in no way is adequate or appropriate compensation in our view.

      We have written to P&O today requesting financial compensation – so watch this space for an update!

      • Marion Musgrove says:

        I was also on the Fjord cruise and have written to P & O for financial compensation as I have no plans to take a future cruise. Does anyone know if the EU regulation on flight delays covers cruise ships?

        • Martin Attridge says:

          I received a reply from P and O today, 27 May, which has left us feeling very dissatisfied. They have not offered any compensation, simply reiterated that they have given us onboard credit and setup 20% Future Cruise Credit for us! This of course is totally valueless as we have no intention of travelling with them again.
          Have you heard from them? Does anyone have any advice on how best to progress our claim please?

          Martin Attridge

          • Jane says:

            I do not know the best way to handle this – I am still looking into it. However, what I find interesting is the difference in the way the two sets of cruise guests have been handles. Those who were on the Fjord cruise have been offered larger incentives to travel again. The second cruise had the inconvenience of starting two days late and lost out on two ports. I did not realise that I had the option to cancel when I was telephoned late on Thursday afternoon.
            Should I come up with anything I will post it online.

          • john says:

            I was also on the azura and received 15% off the price paid for the cruise,and 10% off the price paid for the cruise in on board credit.The only reason i got this was because when i received the first phone call from p&o that is what the girl offered.Subsequently they tried to change their mind but i was adamant this is what the girl offered and told then to check the recording.Eventually on board i was given the on board spend on my account although it took nearly 4 days and a lot of agro.They also told me to keep quite about the on board spend which i took no notice of.I am not a dummy.

          • Marion Musgrove says:

            Hi Martin I have not had a reply yet but will let you know when it arrives

          • Marion Musgrove says:

            Have you looked into the EU regulation on delayed arrival. Still not heard from P & O yet

          • Marion Musgrove says:

            I have received my reply from P & O saying you can only have a future cruise credit.
            Marion Musgrove

          • Bob says:

            Marion if you are unhappy with their decision, you now need to escalate your complaint to Abta, I have written in and awaiting a reply, but I will then escalate further. Quite often a large company believe because they have said no, that is the end of the subject, it’s not until other bodies intervene, that they then look to do something about it

          • Martin Attridge says:

            Marion, I understand from our travelling companions that a high-level P and O meeting resolved that they would not pay anyone more compensation than we were offered on board our half-cruise. My flurry of emails to P and O have confirmed, this coupled with their standard very poor customer service responses throughout.
            We have therefore ‘abandoned ship’. They appear unable to see that instead of paying a reasonable and limited level of compensation to disgruntled passengers, they will now have to accept that there will be many, many potential customers who will not even consider travelling with them because of the poor press for which they are totally responsible. They have given us no choice but to spread the word on our experience.
            Plenty of choice out there everyone – just go elsewhere. Happy holidays!

          • Tom Burke says:

            Thanks to both Martin and Marion for this exchange of experiences, both during and post-cruise. I’m not going to comment as I wasn’t on this cruise and therefore am not affected. However I do recognise the depth of feeling that P&O’s response has aroused. Thanks once again for your comments.

          • Katie Taylor says:

            Hi we were on thIs cruise and have just been offered £150 for the mouldy bathroom we had in our cabin. They will not offer a cash settlement for the 20% (missed ports & delayed return) so we have taken them to ABTA but the got nowhere with the pre-arbitration so now we are looking to pay the £108 to take them to arbitration but instead of just asking for the 20% in cash I think we will be asking for more compensation for all the inconvenience. Has anyone else taken them to arbitration?

  2. roger says:

    This is a really interesting site- I am booked on the Azura- hoping it might get away Saturday evening- I think on board credit is a much better idea- a reasonable amount would be between £100-£150- the compensation offered should relate to the actual cruise, not inducements to book another one. Plus I think they will have to cancel at least one of the ports of call. So 15% refund of two days and OBC of £150.

  3. I have paid £1559 for this cruise. Daily rate £111.35 x 2 equals £222.70. I would expect to receive my own money back plus 15% compensation i.e. £233.85. 10% off a future cruise would not be acceptable as I am not sure whether I want to cruise again. Therefore either cash in hand or onboard credit would be required.

  4. Jane Nock says:

    We’ve been emailed that boarding will be 10:30-13:30 on Sunday, staggered by deck.

    15% refund is a start, but as you say that’s just for services not provided, that’s not compensation. Onboard spending would be fine – is £150 enough?

  5. I think the £150 On Board Credit would be reasonable for each person, not cabin- and of course that does exclude expenses such as add. hotel accommodation, car parking etc.

    I agree that the 15% refund is for services not provided- it cannot be considered as compensation.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Roger – have you heard from P&O about hotel costs? In an earlier comment, Sharon Robinson said: “…the guy from P&O i spoke to last night did say they would cover extra nights in Southampton, as we are already set to go night and spend the night there…”.

      • hi Tom- not so sure- but I am booked into car park- and I will try and get 2 days back from them- but have just seen the revised itinery- I thought they might cancel one port visit- but now 2 ports have been cancelled- think a lot of fellow passengers will be unhappy- particularly for Naples- Pompeii and the rest- I am lucky- I have been there before- but a big deal for those who have not seen those

  6. Rupert Ballantyne says:

    Rupert Ballantyne. Missing Naples is most unfortunate as it is my wife’s birthday and we had booked a special day out independently to Herculaneum and a drive along the Amalfi coast. Fortunately we had not paid up front. Naples on the itinerary was part of the reason for booking this cruise. The 15% refund is par for the course for the days lost but does not make up for the 2 ports missed.

  7. jonodale@btinternet.com says:

    This is covered by the EU Regulation (EU) No. 1177/2010 concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway
    If you read this the delay means 50% is claimable under EU regs.

    • Tom Burke says:

      i’ll be honest, I’m not sure about that one. i’ve just had a read through it and it seems to be saying pretty clearly that if a cruise departure is delayed then the operator has responsibilities for the care of the passengers during the period of the delay, hence the stories we’re hearing about P&O offering hotel costs for those who’ve made the journey today. Then there’s also something about compensation in the case of late arrival but that wouldn’t apply in the case of this next cruise. (It would for the current one, however.) But I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about a delay of a few hours giving rise to such a large refund – that seems to be more based on the ferry industry.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think P&O should make reasonable recompense, but I think 50% is not necessary.

  8. jonodale@btinternet.com says:

    7. The EU Regulation applies to passengers travelling on a ferry departing from, or arriving in, the UK or any other EU Member State, or who have booked and paid for such a journey. The EU Regulation also applies to passengers travelling or booked on a cruise ship departing from the UK or any other EU Member State. The EU Regulation will apply to almost all international voyages and to many domestic ferry services that operate in the UK.

  9. jonodale@btinternet.com says:

    It’s not a few hours it’s two days! Does that not seem a lot considering most people will have looked forward to this cruise for a long time only to be told it’s now two nights less and two ports not being visited as well!

    • Tom Burke says:

      Jon: I do understand that it’s two days, and that two ports have been lost. And I also recognise that many passengers will be disappointed by this. My point, which I cannot have made very well, is that even in that situation, I don’t think that a loss of two days out of 14, and the two ports, merits a 50% refund. That’s my personal opinion; others may feel differently.

      I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy the cruise, even in its truncated form.

    • it is a very large part of the holiday that has been affected- not just the 2 days- but the two ports as well- I hope that P and O can come up with some reasonable compensation proposals before the cruise commences- and also admit that the 15% offered so far is for services not delivered- the 15% is clearly not compensation- it is a straight forward refund as others on this site have pointed out. For example- I could have been a poll clerk in the general election, but turned down the apt as I would have had to have left home in the early hours to make Southampton- I think that is a reasonable reason to ask for compensation- highly unlikely to get it of course- but it is an example of a compensation claim- I expect other fellow passengers have had to take annual leave unnecessarily- but have been unable to cancel the leave- I think that is grounds for compensation. At the end of the day- I think that P and O will have to agree with their customers on a fair and reasonable compensation package,- one which is fair to the customers but does not unduly penalise the company.

      The trouble with P and O is that they appear to have the attitude of take it or leave it- we will dictate to you- which I think is not particularly constructive.

  10. jonodale@btinternet.com says:

    Thanks Tom I’m sure we will and I’m also sure many more people will agree with me and claim under the EU directive.

  11. Robert Isaac says:

    We have been left a little heartbroken as it will be our 40th wedding anniversary on the day we board, we expected to be a sea for this rather than rushing around waiting to board. I have to agree the compensation? is low and the 10% of a next cruise is OK if you can afford another cruise, for some people it is a once in a lifetime thing!

    • Tom Burke says:

      First, let me offer my congratulations on your 40th anniversary. You’re a little ahead of us; our 40th is in August and in practice I think we’ll have our Anniversary Dinner on Azura in September. We hope….

      (My recollection of spring/summer 1975 was that it was endlessly sunny and warm.)

  12. Alex B says:

    I have just been on the telephone to P&O and they confirm that I can cancel for a full refund plus 20% off a future cruise. So presumably they have confirmed this as a “significant alteration”.

    The alternative is, as stated, 15% off plus 10% off a future cruise. I consider this appalling as it is basically simply pro-rata for the number of days lost, and does not take into account any inconvenience or change of itinerary (cancelling now would cause major inconvenience to my work schedule).

    As the number of locations visited has dropped from 7 to 5, I think a 30% rebate would be a more appropriate starting point.

    The loss in goodwill is enormous, and will come back to haunt the company.

  13. John lewis says:

    I am talking to p&o customer service because when I was rung yesterday the girl said to me we would get 15% off the cost of our cruise & 10% as onboard spend.Today they are saying this was not part of the script. I can assure you this was what the girl said. There are three of us in our party and one of us is 90 years young while we are away. I expect proper compensation and as PR exercise this not very good.

  14. Matt B says:

    I’m actually quite surprised having observed P&O’s compensation/offers on previous issues with cruises.

    This does seem pretty poor considering the shortened cruise and two ports of call being missed. Let’s not also forget it’s a technical issue so the weather etc cannot be blamed – in fact, when it has been due to weather etc I may be wrong but seem to recall more generous compensation than this?

    If I was on this cruise I’d personally be expecting at least 25% back AND a goodwill discount for a future cruise perhaps? P&O are certainly not over-capacity at the moment and I would suggest in there interest to offer a goodwill future cruise discount on a future cruise as an additional to any compensation rather than as part of it.

  15. roger says:

    I can confirm that when P and O called me the girl stated that it was 15% refund and 10% off any future cruise- I have a feeling that when the Azura ran into trouble- the passengers on board were compensated £100 each for not being able to go to one of the ports- not quite sure about that but trying to get more info

    • mikie says:

      We all got £100 each refunded to our on board accounts for missing Geranger Fjord. They then offered a 20% rebates on our next cruise based on the price we’d paid for this one after we missed Stavanger and had to divert to Bergen. Ie spend £1000 on this cruise and get £200 off the next one. Hmmm not sure there will be a next one with P&O.

  16. Mike says:

    If we cancel we receive all our money back and 20% of another cruise.
    Stay loyal and all we get 10% of our next cruise. Not really fair it seems to me.

    • Rupert Ballantyne says:

      Yes I agree. One offer for one set of punters and another for those who stick with it. That is not at all fair.

  17. Diane says:

    Diane may 8th
    I also think 15% is a very poor offer,when we are losing 2 days and 2 ports of call especially Naples.Also having an extra day at sea was not expected,I certainly do not want extra on board spend,a bigger compensation is preferable,

    • Rupert Ballantyne says:

      It may sound as if I work for Carnival, I don’t. There were always 6 ‘Sea’ days on this trip. It is just that we have 3 on the trot to reach Barcelona. I am very disappointed about the missing of Naples and hopefully Carnival might improve their compensation offer. 15% refund represents 2 lost days but not missing the ports.

  18. Bob says:

    I would like to clarify a point for you as some of you are taking the customer services word for 20% of another cruise if you cancel. I read the terms and conditions (sad I know) which states that if a “significant change” takes place then the customer is entitled to a full refund or be offered an alternative similar cruise or 20% cruise credit. Cruise credit is 20% of your cancelled package not 20% of any cruise value you like so don’t think your going to get 20% of a world cruise, you will be getting the value of what you spent. It’s section 40/41/42
    We were told by customer services that the current passengers onboard did receive £100 in compensation for missing a port but we were only offered the pro rata. It would seem that those people who complained first got more in the way of refunds than the rest of us because P&O the structured responses.
    We were not offered an alternative cruise and we were misled by the 20% as a lot of people have been, I am aware of people buying up cancellations at a discounted rate and all in all although P&O have done there best by the current passengers onboard at the moment they have completely shunned the upcoming cruisers. This cruise will not reflect what a cruise should be like as passengers will be upset before they even start. I feel sorry for the crew and I would guess not many tips will be forthcoming.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for that, Bob. It would be my great hope that passengers on the next cruise will *not* withdraw tips – no matter how disappointed they are about the changed itinerary or how upset they are with P&O, it definitely isn’t the fault of the crew.

  19. It is clearly preferable to book a cruise at the last minute- passengers who book in advance are unfairly treated. At the very least, passengers already booked should be first in line for a cabin upgrade- I expect to find passengers who have booked cancellations all having superior cabins and paying half price- good luck to them, but very unfair on the rest of us- I shall see if P and O make an offer for reasonable compensation, but regrettably it does look like I will be going with another cruise line in future. I am taking my 90 year old dad on this cruise, and he would have been bitterly disappointed had I cancelled.

  20. Colin says:


  21. Malcolm Oliver says:

    I’m never impressed with any compensation that involves me spending more money with the company!

  22. Harry says:

    Just back from the Norway cruise on Azura. Most passengers missed two ports. Geiranger because it was too windy for the tenders and Stavanger due to engine/electrical problems. The ship returned to Bergen to pick up an engineer from the German engine manufacturers and then returned to Southampton a day later than scheduled. Each passenger was compensated with £100 on board credit – the shops did well! There was also an offer of a reduction off the next booked cruise. I think it was 15 or 20% but have nothing in writing.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the update, Harry. Good news that P&O gave everyone some OBC. In my case it would be The Glasshouse that would do well, but hey ho! I hope you get confirmation of the future cruise offer.

      To be fair, that all seems fair – the Geiranger port miss was due to the weather, passengers got an extra night on board for which they were given money to spend, and they have an offer of a reduced price on a future cruise. Do you know what happened with respect to passenger who had paid for transportation o/r to the UK, e,g, flights?

  23. Harry says:

    I have no complaints, although some were moaning because it was not a cash refund. Does not take much to build up £100 after gratuities, internet and a few drinks. P&O supplied an address to claim for additional expenses and I would guess that all reasonable claims would be paid.

  24. Marie says:

    We were on the Azura when it had all the problems with the mooring ropes breaking and the 2 separate electrical faults which necessitated in a German Engineer from the manufactures being flown to Bergen to do the repairs. I heard through passengers he had to stay on until Southampton!? We were offered £100 each. It was not until the following day that another passenger told us it was for on board spending only. This was talked about by various passengers and a lot of people did not know this. We were not informed it officially. I can only presume that after going to the reception desk people were informed. When I complained at the reception desk to clarify and ask about the £100 each to be spent on board and told them I did not want compensation of £100 to spend as there was nothing that I wanted to buy I was told ‘ it is not compensation. It is a good will payment.’ Also spend it or loose it. We were also charged £5 per head service charge for extra enforced day we spent on board, rubbing more salt into the wounds.
    The vegetarian food on board was disgusting. Poorly cooked, poor portions and selections. One main dinner meal was couscous with veg. We had a portion of couscous served in a dome. This was say, moulded in a bowl and upturned. In 4 places about 1/4 of a teaspoon of pureed spinach and between 3 or 4 chick peas. that was the main meal nothing else on the plate. It was exactly the same in content and flavour as a 99p packet of instant you buy in most stores as a quick accompaniment to a meal. There is a lot more I could say if I had the time about the meals. Please bear in mind that we did not pay a reduced rate for the vegetarian food either.
    Yes we had a day in Bergen and a day in Flam ( have you seen the size and facilities at Flam? Stunning but 1/2 hour is all a leisurely wander takes. We lost most of what we went for. We had not had a holiday for 9 years and this was a dreamed of trip. So unhappy.

    • Tom Burke says:


      Thank you for the comment, and your account. I’m sorry you had a bad time. I hear what you say about the vegetarian food – I’ve heard the same comments from other people.

      One thing I must ask – were these the vegetarian choices in the main menu, or were you getting the vegetarian menu? I think that if passengers say they are vegetarian when then book the cruise, a separate vegetarian menu is made available to them. Was that what you were seeing?

      • Marie says:

        We said we were vegetarian when we booked. We had freedom dinning. We were given only the main menu to chose from on the first night. When we enquired, mentioning also that they had the same menu in the Oriental restaurant we were told it was the same food at all the restaurants.! ! ! They then gave us the next days menu. This extra menu was given every evening whilst sitting at the table eating our meal. 2 problems with this, although it gave us some choice. One. how could you always plan 24 hours ahead. Two, when you are sitting at a table with 4 to 6 other people it can make you feel marginalised to have to explain your choice of food and bring up discussions you or others they may not want to hear. Other people on the table did not have this food so we also had no person’s comments to reinforce our feelings of POOR COOKING and terrible food.To complain of this makes you not want to do so. After 3 or 4 days we could stand it no longer and did talk to the head waiter. Who said he would take this to the daily briefings. Some dinners were in fact normal after this. Not special but edible and ok.

        • Tom Burke says:

          That all sounds unfortunate. I’m sure I remember someone on a table with (Club Dining, but the menus are supposed to be the same between Club and Freedom) who was given a special vegetarian menu every evening. Perhaps other readers could advise if this is still available?

          As I said, I’m very sorry this didn’t work out for you.

          • Marie says:

            Sorry if I did not make it clear. We did get the extra menu 24 hours in advance. Although there 2 extra menus with 4 choices on each it meant that we had the same menu for 3 days then a new one on the 4/5 day. So that if you wanted some thing different each evening you had one choice on the main menu a a choice of 4 alternatives of which you may have ordered on the last few days.
            I hope this is clearer.

  25. Jane says:

    I travelled on the delayed Azura. The cruise was not what was advertised. Not only were two ports missing, one of which I particularly wanted to visit but the weather was such that there were a lot of problems in Monaco so this became prohibitive.

    I find that the attitude of P&O is such that this is not a company I would want to deal with again. In my view there has not only been no compensation but no ‘goodwill’ gesture either. 10% of what you paid towards a future cruise is an insult and assumes that you would want to travel with them again.

    It strikes me that the offer made by P&O, if you can call it that, is an easy option. Customer satisfaction does not seem to be important.

  26. Diane says:

    I too was on the delayed Azura,and on hind sight would have cancelled and got our money back,as that seems to have been a much better deal,when I was telephoned about the delay this choice was not pointed out to me,although on reading the small print we could have taken that option.
    Apart from a bottle of sparkling wine and a small box of chocolates,nothing was offered on board.

    As for the tendering at Monte Carlo,it was appalling,the weather was of course no ones fault but I really think that it was an error to send those tenders out,I came back on the last tender just before the Captain cancelled them for a while until the sea calmed.

    I really think the lack of compensation is so wrong,15% is only a refund,we were not compensated in any way for the disappointment of not going to Cadiz and Naples.

  27. Janet says:

    I was also on this cruise and agree that the option to cancel was not made clear although as we work we really had no option but to do it any way with the two ports missing, p and o are penny pinching and have lost the whole piece regarding future sales. All the people we spoke to in our age group (40-50)were in agreement that they needed to do better to convince us to cruise again. We will not be taking the 10% off s future cruise with any cruise company as this one put us off permanently.

  28. Joe says:

    I have just been reading the above comments with interest – my wife and I were on the cruise and wrote to P&O afterward saying that, given the poor experience we had onboard Azura and the company’s attitude, we would be unlikely to travel with them again. We also pointed out that we were not told about the option to cancel which would have meant a 100% refund and 20% of a future cruise and asked for 20% compensation in cash! We had a letter yesterday refusing this claim and saying the felt their offer was reasonable.

    We are considering issuing proceeding through the small claims court or similar – has anyone else tried this?

    • Bob says:

      I received a phone call yesterday from them, as I wrote in to complain. I was told the same thing although the person that rang me did admit to some passengers receiving compensation initially, but she passed this of as a training issue. The next step is to progress the issue to ABBTA, which from P&O point of view is silly as it will now cost them money to have the claim investigated by the governing body. It will cost you a stamp. Unfortunately it’s a simple case of them being stubborn to a point of it’s going to cost them money which a few pennies in the first instance would have probably kept many a passenger happy

  29. George Chellew says:

    After booking 7 night cruise on NCL EPiC which was due to sail from Soton 18/10 and include a call at Malaga.

    Due to late release from dry dock refurb. The cruise has been reduced to 6 nights, sailing a day later than advertised and will not be calling at Malaga.

    Waste of time dealing with booking agent or NCL, and also ABTA who are bias towards their members Furthermore ABTA do not have any real authority
    To compel their members to refund the days loss plus reasonable compensation for by passing Malaga, and for all the stress and time my wife and I have suffered trying to reach an amicable agreement.

    We have been offered $150 to spend on board of which $50 will be refunded if not spent on board – thus the maximum refund we are to expect is $50 = about £ 16 each.

    If this ship is full there will be up to 4100 cruisers aboard. And the vast majority will be effected by these significant changes.

    I wonder what amount of refund and compensation they may have been offered.

    • Tom Burke says:

      So not just P&O, then….. and I recall a Celebrity problem a couple of years ago when a cruise had to be cut short in an inconvenient location.

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